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My levels
My levels

Pavel Kantorek – author of comics.

Gerald Holler – author of few levels. Here is the possibility of drawing down the SOKOMIND programme.

Frantisek Pokorny - author of few levels fpok, fpok1.

Premysl Zika - the levels level 23, (2 a 3 boxes), level 456, (4, 5 a 6 boxes), level 789, (other), from Czech author. Along with Eric Tchong remodels ODE.

Andrew Myers – has its own programme and also a database of world records of first 90 levels, which is divided by the smallest amount of reached steps and smallest amount of jogs into the box. anglie.gif (1104 bytes)

Kevin B. Reilly – great creator of huge amount of very good levels 1, 2, 3, 4, (these levels are favourite ones of my wife :-)) ).

Manuel Ritto Correa - author of other very nice levels.

G4B – German group G4B (Gaims 4 Brains), which has shareware programme Sokoblue. 20 levels are given as a freeware as an example and next 80 levels must be bought. I think, that they give one level as a freeware each month. On a Japanese web side Twinks there is about 10 levels as an example of their work. They are also very good but theirs levels are very complicated. anglie.gif (1104 bytes) nemecko.gif (855 bytes)

Yoshio Murase – author of many excellent but difficult levels. His further works are available in graphic form but also in ASCII. japan.gif (358 bytes)

David W. Skinner - autor excellent levels skinner, sasquatchiii, sasquatchiv, sasquatchv, masmicroban.

Howard Abed – another excellent creator of levels, which are in database. anglie.gif (1104 bytes)

Phil Shapiro – creator of easier levels designed for children, their set is in ASCII format available here.

Jack Duthen – creator of easier levels designed for children. These levels are really easy and can be solved within few minutes, their set is in ASCII format available here and here.

Robert Vašíček – Slovak creator of his own Winsoko programme. In a database of his own programme there is a huge amount of levels. The programme is easy to work with. 2,05 Version, which I worked with as last, unfortunately, hasn’t its own edit mode for creating own levels or to add new ones. Author is still working on this programme! His web side is definitely worth seeing! It is very playful and there is also plenty of references to other web sides. anglie.gif (1104 bytes)

Masato Hiramatsu – is editing his levels under the abbreviation hir. These levels are excellent and difficult at once. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given the permission to publish his levels. If I understood right his e-mail, he is somehow connected with the sale of Sokoban in Japan.

The Japanese are very good in general in creating of difficult levels on a small space, using only few boxes. The authors, whose signature is Takaken  japan.gif (358 bytes), Hiroki Kanou, Yut japan.gif (358 bytes) monry or OKIYASU japan.gif (358 bytes) are excellent, no doubts. The problem is to get their addresses to their home web sides.

Konstantinos Bozeberg – author of few levels.

J. Franklin Mentzer – author of other very nice levels.

Aymeric du Peloux - the nice levels from French author. Microcosmos, Nabokosmos, Minicosmos and Picokosmos. I like them more and more. Excellent and difficult levels.

François Marques - another French autor with his very nice levels, Sokoban online, Soloban, Novoban, Numbers, Sokolate, Kokoban, Sokompact, 100boxes, Le concours, are located page.

Joseph L. Traub – added to the 50 primary levels, which arise in the eighties in Japan, another 40 (Xsokoban).

IQ Carrier – levels, which were published as an electronic game to the hand.

John Polhemus – created many levels for the electronic game of the Nintendo Company. He also publishes his levels on Twinkse web sides. They are very complicated and also large, which make them difficult to be retrieved (maybe wrong e-mail address).

Björn Kälmark – on the web side of this Swede, there is a possibility to draw down a different version of Sokoban with huge number of levels. anglie.gif (1104 bytes)

GRIGoRusha - the levels from Russian author grigr2001 and grigr2002, located on his website.

Ghislain Martin - many of levels including the programme Sokobanized, from French author, located on his website. The nice levels Collection: Sokostation 331-340, Sokostation 341-350, Sokostation 351-360, Sokostation 361-370, Sokostation 371-380,

Jiri Petrak - starting Czech author.

Vladimir Zahoransky - the levels from Slovak author.

Roger Delaporte - the levels rd1, rd2, rd3, rd4, from French author - WEB. France

Pavel Klavik - starting Czech author. You can find a new version of software for Sokoban game on his czech-english personal websites. Czech anglie.gif (1104 bytes)

Eric Tchong from Aruba. Author of large number of nice levels. Aruba1, Aruba2, Aruba3, Aruba4, Aruba5, Aruba6, Aruba7, Aruba8, Aruba9, Cosmac, Serena1, Serena2, Serena3, Serena4, Serena5, Serena6, Atlas01, Atlas02, Atlas03, Atlas04, Atlas08, Atlas09, Atlas10, Chuchubi01, Chuchubi04, Chuchubi05, Chuchubi07, Chuchubi08, Chuchubi09, Chuchubi10, Chuchubi11, Chuchubi12, Chuchubi13, Chuchubi14, Chuchubi15, Dushi01, Dushi02, Dushi04, Dushi05, Dushi07, Dushi08, Tammy rock. Along with Marek Letrab Serena4 remodels, Serena5 remodels. Thinking Rabbit & Eric Tchong Original 51-90 remodeled. Aruba

Spiros Mantzoukis, author of large number of nice levels, spirosset1, spirosset2, spirosset3, spirosset4, spirosset5, spirosset6, spirosset7. Have modified the levels 1, 2 MADE BY Eric Tchong, 1 MADE BY David W. Skinner, 1 MADE BY Ghislain MARTIN, 1 MADE BY Borella Alberto, 1 MADE BY Marcus Palstra, 1 MADE BY Zbigniev Kornas, 1 MADE BY Alberto Garcia, 1 MADE BY Adolf Doner, 1 MADE BY Serg Belyaev, 1 MADE BY Sven Egevad, 1 MADE BY GRIGoRusha, 1 MADE BY Frantisek Pokorný, 1 MADE BY François Marques, 1 MADE BY Roger Delaporte, 1 MADE BY Adrien Pralix. Greece

Jürgen Rietz - the levels from German author. Německo