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Welcome to SOKOBAN web page

Those, who do not know this game: it is a logical game and your task is to move scattered boxes at so-called level to the marked spots

Three rules:

puntikMove the boxes to the marked spots.

puntikThe boxes can only be pushed.

puntikIt is only possible to move one box at a time.

How easy!!    ;-))

For the fans - order the boxes to the marked spots with minimum movements.


This game was invented by Hiroyuki Imabayashi from the company Thinking Rabbit in Takarazuka town, Japan in the 1980. Mr. Imabayashi was engaged in developing new computer games. This game was awarded the 1st price in computer games at that time because of its simplicity and smartness. Since the time Sokoban spread out through the world and has its fans. There are not so many games, which were invented so many years ago and are played even nowadays. In 1982 invented Mr. Hiroyuki Imabayashi 50 tasks (from the very easy to the quite complicated ones). These tasks made the game more popular. These 50 basic tasks are classical. If someone wants to start solving SOKOBAN there is nothing better for the beginning. Difficulty increases, in the tasks are used most tricks, which appear in different versions by other authors.

Mr. Joseph L. Traub added to these 50 another 40 tasks. If you want to measure your solving skills with the best ones in the world, you have a chance. Andrew Myers has registered on his web site world record of first 90 levels. . The levels are divided according to the minimum number of steps or minimum pushes of the box. These levels can be found in my database under the numbers 1-90.

It is important to find the software used for the game. There are many programs nowadays (paid or free ones - for PC, Macintosh, UNIX, - Java, Flash, etc.). It is necessary to consider the easy operation, format of used files and also gaining other tasks, possibility of creating your own tasks, etc.

I use for my playing the SOKOMIND program, whose author is Mr. Gerald Holler. Program has a nice graphic, "magnetophone", remembers the steps, choice of English or German language, direct control and also good cooperation with the mouse. Author provides this program free of charge. If you would like to invent your own level there is editory mode for your own tasks. In case you invent such a level, please do not hesitate to send it to me and I will make it available to the others. :-)) Unfortunately his website has been canceled (www.sokomind.de).

You can download SOKOMIND program here. It already contents certain number of levels. Other levels has to be edited individually ;-) or to use an external database. Huge level databases are possible to be found to be down loaded from my web page Download, or on www sites of "Fred". I have in the database 7949 levels at the moment. Their authors are all listed in the Links.